Years Of Sexual Frustration…

Until She Experienced Our Yoni Massage

About Steve P.

Steve P is an ex-biker, turned sex coach. His direct methods have helped women around the world resolve their sexual frustration.

As a leading expert on Sacred Sensuality, Steve created White Tiger Tantra’s home-study Yoni Massage course. 

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Who I am, and a brief description about some of my background…

“I’m a Master Hypnotist, a Sex Coach, and a Metaphysical Counselor. I have been trained as a Holistic Health Practitioner and in acupressure, massage, herbal remedies, and other shamanic arts. Some people refer to me as a Sensual Shaman.

This blog is an adult dose of my opinions and sensual wisdom based on many years of experience helping women explore Sacred Sensuality.

My work and I have been featured in numerous books, radio shows, and seminars. I’m recognized as a leading expert on improving relationships.”

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After Her First “Real” Orgasm… Ever!!

She Was Completely Amazed!!

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What She Thought Was Impossible…

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